UFC》Jon Jones:我要用三場比賽讓外界閉嘴

上星期六(12/29)才在UFC 232贏下輕重量級冠軍腰帶的Jon Jones在新的一年野心十足,他在自己的Instagram帳號發文表示,要在2019年以三場比賽讓外界「不再質疑我身為MMA冠軍的宰制力。」




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When the tides shift in your life you not only take notice, but follow where the momentum is taking you. My family and I came to Santa Monica after the fights to unwind, unplug and put the focus on those beautiful things that matter most in my life. I also ate a lot of chocolate cake but don’t knock my hustle because I earned that shit! But on the real, over last few days something profound registered in me. In my heart and mind there has been a shift and it’s a hunger that’s raging. In the past I would fight then shut everything down while I filled my schedule with partying and nonsense, but in the aftermath of reclaiming my belt the only thing I want to do is get back in there. I want to step back into the cage and continue to prove why I’m the best light heavyweight in the world. I’m flying home tonight and heading right back to the gym to continue building my skillset. I’m going to get with my team and keep the cerebral game rolling as well. I’m mapping out the year ahead and I’m absolutely going to kick the shit out of 2019. I want to fight 3 times this year and leave zero doubt of my dominance as a champion. I’m going to do this because that’s what my passion dictates, but it’s also what you fans deserve. You’ve been down with me through thick and thin, and 2019 is going to be incredible. It’s all due to the fact I know what matters and why. So to those fighters in my division go ahead and line up because you’re all getting it. The King has returned and no one is sleeping easy but me now that I’m back. Same crown same reign new faces more pain. That’s what I’m bringing in 19.

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他在2015年因為肇事逃逸,撞傷孕婦Vanessa Sonnenberg而面臨18個月的緩刑。UFC也剝走了他的輕重量級冠軍頭銜。他在2016年3月時違反緩刑規定而被逮捕,但不久便被釋放。隔月便在擂台上對戰Ovince Saint Preux。


而Jones過去也有數次藥檢未過的紀錄,包括他在UFC 200賽前的藥檢問題而被禁止上場比賽。2017年7月在UFC 214擊敗Daniel Cormier之後,Jones在賽後藥檢又出現禁藥的陽性反應。本場賽事最終被判定為無效比賽,Jones也面臨15個月的禁賽。


2018年末,Jones在UFC 232以TKO擊敗Alexander Gustafsson的比賽之前也有些許爭議。他在賽前藥檢時又被檢測出些許的禁藥殘餘反應。美國反禁藥組織表示,這些反應是他在2017年服用禁藥後所殘餘,但內華達州運動委員會(Nevada State Athletic Commission)卻不買帳,拒絕通過Jones的比賽資格。這場比賽因此從拉斯維加斯移到允許Jones上場比賽的加州進行。